Sunday, August 15, 2010

I keep saying 'o..z..i..l'

:) Let me introduce you to someone that I really 'impress'. His name is Mesut Özil. Yes ! I started to know him this year ! Because of world cup. To be honest , I LOVE FOOTBALL ! If I do not mistaken, it is when Germany vs Australia o America. Sorry. I can't remember it well. Yet, he is so talented person ! Why don't you click at the address bar, type 'youtube.com' and search for Mesut ozil. :) Just try.

I just can't stop saying about him. Furthermore, he is muslim. For God Sake, I really like his personality. And I really love this statement ;

'Özil recites the Qur'an before all his matches to help him focus. Talking to the Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel, Özil said, "I always do that before I go out (on the pitch). I pray and my team-mates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period.'

:) What can I say next ? He is such an awesome guy.(almost there :P)

I will show you some of my fav video. Watch this.

Then, you can watch his skills. Before him, I really like 'Frank Lampard' , 'Steven Gerrard' , 'Messi' and 'Kaka'. But from now on, Only Messi and Ozil. :) I think no one can beat messi yet ! He is a good player. :D Very3x talented !

* Hoping that Ozil will go to Chelsea ! How about barca ?? ayyo ! It is quite difficult to me. Atleast, just pick one of it ! Pliz ! Don't choose other ! Neither Manchested United nor other.

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