Monday, July 11, 2011

I lost my cap! Yeaaaah!!!

I lost my cap.
I don't care if I lost the other brand of my personal cap,
but, why should MY BABY BLUE???
Dear Baby Blue,
where r you, right now?
Feel missing, seriously.
Please walk home [Paboyo?? Topi mana boleh jalan]
"You can use other!"
It would not be as same as My Baby Blue!
You know what,
We [Yeah! My baby blue and I] had created a lot of memory together.
He did protect me from the hot weather, rain..
Sometimes, I feel more confident when I'm wearing the Cap.
But, now?
I don't know how to express the feeling, right now.
I miss you , my baby Blue. ='(
Dear Ayah,
Please buy me a new one :)
As long as , it is CHELSEA :-D
p/s : Dimanakah anda, sayangku? :'(
p/p/s : Tak tahulah mcm mana boleh hilang -.-''
puas cari kat rumah.
but, still tiada.
Mengada Farihah Amirah,
awak kan ada topi lain tu, pakailah sementara waktu :P
xnak. nak baby blue jugeee :) hahaha.

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